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After the First war of Independence and assumption of Government by the Crown in the year 1861, the entire Kaiserbagh Complex was handed over to the Taluqdars of Avadh, who had organized themselves to form the British Indian Association, Avadh ( Anjuman-e-hind, Avadh ) a Society Registered under the Societies Registration Act. The British Govt. made a grant of the building known as “Safed Baradari” in the Kaiserbagh area to the late Maharaja Sir Digvijay Singh Bahadur, K.C.S.I. of Balrampur to be held and enjoyed as proprietor thereof with rights of transfer. The first President of this Organization was Maharaja Bahadur Sir Digvijay Singh, K.C.S.I. of Balrampur and the first Secretary was Raja Dakkhina Ranjan Mukherji of Shekharpur, Raebareli.
      On 19th September, 1902, Maharaja Bahadur Sir Bhagwati Prasad Singh descendant of Maharaja Sir Digvijay Singh transferred all the rights and title of Baradari to Anjuman-e-hind, Avadh for its use, maintenance and repairs etc. After Maharaja Sir Bhagwati Prasad Singh, Taluqdars of different districts are manning the Institution of British Indian Association.
      The Baradari had been used for many years and is being used by the British Indian Association as a place for assembling of meetings convened by British Indian Association and for many fold purposes as explained hereafter. The Organization of British Indian Association consists of 453 members, out of which an Executive Committee is elected for a term of 5 years. Its President, Vice-President, Hony. Secretary and Hony. Jt. Secretary are also elected for a term of 5 years from amongst the members of the Institution. These Office Bearers along with the Executive Committee look after the activities of the Institution. An office is maintained, with the Assistant Secretary as head of office, for attending to the work of the Institution.
      The main activities of the Institution of British Indian Association are Charitable, Cultural, Social and Educational. A brief narrative of its activities is as under:-
      British Indian Association is the parent body of Colvin Taluqdars’ College, which was established during the year 1892 for imparting education to the sons of Taluqdars of Avadh. Till 1933, the School was conducted exclusively for, and on behalf of, the Taluqdar Community, but when it was reorganized, as an Intermediate (Arts) College, admission was thrown open to all. In 1945, the College started class in Intermediate Science with the help of its Parent Body, the B.I.A. The College is run by a committee of Management, 10 members whereof are elected by the British Indian Association, Avadh in addition to two old colvinions as Ex-Officio Members of the Managing Committee of the Colvin Taluqdars College. The President of British Indian Association, Avadh functions as Ex-Officio Member of the Managing Committee of the College. The British Indian Association also grants scholarships to deserving students and rewards to meritorious students of the College.
      An elected Member of British Indian Association represents as a Member of the Managing Board of Ganga Prasad Memorial Society, Aminabad, Lucknow.
Sanctions Scholarship to the bonafide Students Provides :-
      => Financial assistance to the needy for the performance of marriages of Daughters.
      => Sanctions special grants towards natural calamities.
      => Sanctions special grant to Charitable Institutions as and if needed.
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